About Us

Leaders in Footwear Fabrics & EVA Foam

SHIVALIK FABRICS is a leader in Footwear Fabrics !
A) Knitted Fabrics -:
We have Launched the new generation fabric for Sports & Casual shoe in unlimited designs & colors.
B) Imported Fabrics
We IMPORT wide range of FASHION FABRICS for All types of Footwear used in every season
C) Domestic Fabrics
We have a Wide range in domestic fabrics like - Cotton Fabrics, Polyester Fabrics in multiple designs & colors
Pioneer in Lamination industry for best bonding in All 4 types
A) Hotmelt film lamination
B) Water base adhesive lamination
C) Natural rubber base -latex lamination
D) Flame- burning bond lamination

We have the Complete Solution for EVA FOAM used for Footwear as INSOCKS, FOOTBEDS, INSOLES & in upper construction
We have In-house processing of PERFORATION used specially in Automobile Seat Covers &also used for Insocks of Footwear

Our expertise

Eva foam
We have got the solution of strength for hand made uppers by using 1mm EVAFOAM, it gives better comfort, cushion & most affordable in this kind.
We have successfully launched cushion in PU Footwear by inventing the technology of using EVAFOAM in insole for direct injection process of footwear which has resulted Excellent result & a Revolution in footwear industry

Hotmelt film
We are the first technical manufacturer in footwear industry for holt melt adhesive film. We have prepared special grade for in house lamination of all products from fabric to EVAFOAM or fabric to fabric or fabric to foam, We have a capacity of 60 tons per month.